About Exelgen

Exelgen Discovery's primary facilities are located on the Bude-Stratton Business Park in Bude, UK. These state-of-the-art laboratories provide optimal efficiency across the chemical design, synthesis, production and purification process.

Extensive computational chemistry services are seamlessly integrated from our partner company, ChemModeling, based in St Louis, MO.

Additional chemical production and scale-up facilities are sited in Bath and Camelford, UK. With wide expertise and an extensive knowledge base, Exelgen Discovery offers a broad spectrum of competitively priced discovery products and services that accelerate drug discovery programmes.

Discovery Service Contract Base

Exelgen Discovery has extensive service contract experience and a broad client base. A flexible approach to working practices and customer requirements make Exelgen Discovery a strong partner at key stages of the drug discovery process.

Screening Library Business

Exelgen Discovery is a provider of library screening compounds, each individually analyzed by LC-MS following the industry standard LeadQuest model. Screening compounds are characterized by anticipated activity in a wide spectrum of biological screens and designed to cover chemical space often not addressed by other providers.

Exelgen Discovery Differentiators

Exelgen Discovery has made significant investments in its capabilities and technologies and is well placed to accommodate the varying needs of customers and collaborators. Exelgen Discovery displays the following facets in the services they provide:

Experience and Technology Exelgen Discovery employs a wide breadth of accomplished scientists with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries coupled with Technologies and State-of-the-art equipment so that Exelgen Discovery operates effectively through utility of state of the art technologies and equipment in all aspects of its service provision

High Quality... ...is only obtained through significant investment in employees, equipment and facilities, and excellent process management capabilities. Exelgen Discovery has insured these are in place to guarantee the highest quality deliverables.

Efficiency Most companies are under intense pressure to move discovery projects into pre-clinical development as rapidly and economically as possible. Facilitated by comprehensive discovery informatics, Exelgen Discovery’s capability to capture information and enhance process iterations provides strong efficiencies in compound design and synthesis. Exelgen Discovery has capabilities for rapid searching of virtual libraries and determining optimal target selection and associated synthetic protocols. Analysis and purification are also highly automated and rapid processes.

Peace of mind Peace of mind in safeguarding IP Exelgen Discovery operates to the highest ethical standards. Exelgen Discovery will agree clear provision of IP generated during collaborations with its clients as well as formulating target exclusivity provisions so that clients can be assured that Exelgen Discovery operates on their behalf without conflict of interest.