Exelgen Discovery employs a tried and trusted knowledge-driven chemistry process in all its discovery activities. Such a process accelerates the discovery process by:

  • Guiding synthetic processes using proprietary design and logistics technology
  • Ensuring that the most desirable and relevant compounds are developed rapidly and in the most efficient way possible
  • Increasing the probability of successfully moving to the next phase through increased numbers of lead series per project
  • Prioritization chemistry based on the likelihood of a successful outcome for a given biological problem.

Knowledge Driven Chemistry encompasses the following

Managing ProjectsInsuring results are delivered on time and within budget:

  • Exelgen Discovery appoints a project manager at the earliest possible opportunity in project discussions.
  • Customer and Exelgen Discovery project teams meet on a regular basis and scientific team members are available for discussion on project status
  • The core team is empowered to make changes to the project plans and deliverables as good science and business dictate

DesignActivities employ a comprehensive range of complementary molecular modeling tools, combined with HTS analysis, 3D visualization and decision support software.  Included in this process:

  • Searching of extensive chemically-accessible virtual libraries
  • Expert molecular modeling and computational chemistry tools utilised to allow a wide range of in silico modeling studies to be employed
  • Proprietary ADME/Tox filters are applied during library design to ensure compounds predicted to be non-drug-like are excluded. A comprehensive range of physical property calculators is also part of this process
  • Medical chemists and the design team identify the most relevant chemistries for discovery programs, incorporating potential back-up series where possible

Medicinal Chemistry, Research and Scale-UpExperienced medicinal chemists and research scientists utilize an extensive range of equipment, chemistry knowledge and expertise to deliver novel medicinally relevant compounds by:

  • Synthesising intermediate building blocks that combine commercial and proprietary reagents with novel scaffolds
  • Incorporating versatility into synthetic routes (temperature, pressure, scale, number of steps, complexity, etc.)
  • Achieving a throughput relevant to the project – up to kilogram scale for core scaffolds; gram scale for R1 intermediates.

High-Throughput ProductionEmploys automated processes to produce libraries of unique final compounds by:

  • Combining novel R1 intermediates with carefully selected commercial and proprietary reagents
  • Efficient use of state-of-the-art equipment operated by experienced scientists to maximize throughput
  • Utilizing efficient and high quality proven methodologies and protocols to optimize success rates

High-Throughput Analysis and PurificationSupports all synthetic efforts and offers:

  • Library-specific LC/MS assays performed using Waters LC/MS platform
  • Analytical data that generates focused gradients for each compound purified so optimum chromatographic resolution is achieved
  • Fully automated systems customised to monitor system performance and fully integrated with informatics system

CheminformaticsExelgen Discovery uses a comprehensive information management system accessed and updated by all scientific teams that efficiently manages compounds throughout their lifecycle. It enables:

  • Rapid, informed decision making regarding project direction.
  • Reduced failure rates.
  • Chemical registration, inventory, and sample management by logging reagent purchase, product synthesis, analysis, use, movement, and transfer of all compo

Compound ProvisionCompounds can be delivered in a wide variety of containers, including:

  • Glass vials
  • Deep or shallow wells
  • Fixed or loose, 96 well plates and 384 well plates

Virtually all requests for final plate formats can be accommodated. eg, wells left empty, plates of duplicate material, etc. Materials can also be offered as dry film or in solution.