Products and Services

Exelgen Discovery combines state of the art design, experience in medicinal chemistry and high throughput operations to ensure the most desirable and relevant compounds are developed in the shortest possible timeframe.

We work with Life Science Companies to help discover compound(s) that have

  • The appropriate biological activity
  • The appropriate target selectivity
  • An acceptable ADME-Tox profile
  • A patentable position
  • ...All in as short a time as possible

Collaborative Services

  • Hit Finding and File Enhancement
  • Hit Follow-Up/Hit-to-Lead programs
  • Lead Optimisation/LeadHopping
  • Screening Library Collection
  • Project Consultancy and Management

Additional Discovery Services

Contract Research Exelgen Discovery offers a highly flexible approach to Contract Research, allowing optimal use of time and resources. A dedicated Project Team directed by a Project Manager facilitates smooth workflow and continuity. Dedicated laboratory space can also be provided for particularly sensitive projects.

Custom Analysis & PurificationExelgen Discovery has the facilities and expertise to undertake custom analysis and purification projects utilising either customer defined protocols or via project specific protocols developed in-house on behalf of the customer. Techniques employed include LC-MS, both analytical and preparative and high field NMR.

Novel Intermediates and Building BlocksNovel intermediates and building blocks can be supplied on a mg – multigram scale either from Exelgen Discovery’s collection or according to a customer’s own particular project requirements.

Custom SynthesisExelgen Discovery has the facilities and expertise to undertake custom synthesis from the mg to multi-kg scale encompassing a wide range of conditions including low temperature, high pressure, microwave and organometallic chemistry.